Branding Process

 Why Freeze Branding?

Freeze branding is a safe, virtually painless and economical process. The brand is legible, permanent and can be read from a distance, this means your horse is less likely to be the target of thieves.
It’s like your horse or pony having its own registration plate.
Other methods of branding can be painful and quite often result in an uneven and unreadable brand.


What is Freeze Branding?

Freeze branding is a method of visibly and permanently identifying horses and ponies. Freeze branding as the name suggests is carried out by freezing the brand using liquid nitrogen to -196c and then applying to the skin for 6-10 seconds. This destroys the hair pigment so when the hair grows back it is white. White or grey horses will need a slightly longer application; this will destroy the hair follicle which will result in a hairless brand.

The Process

A small area on the animal's shoulders is clipped and methylated spirit is applied to the clipped area, the brand is then applied by Tony. The horse/pony may be walked in a small circle or stand quite still while the brand is being applied. They react differently but most times barely notice what is going on. Even foals cope well with this process.
The brand swells up after it is applied, but this swelling subsides within a couple of hours, as shown here on the near side and off side of this pony. The branding application is virtually painless to the animal.

Does it hurt?

The coldness of the application will help to act as an anaesthetic; however the initial effect can cause slight discomfort. Many horses can be branded with little or no restraint but of course we don’t usually know which they are until after the brand has been applied. All efforts are made to make this process as stress free as possible for animal, handler and brander. As this application does not break the skin and does not cause ongoing discomfort your horse can be ridden, rugged and fed as normal.

How long before the brand shows?

Freeze branding is humane and therefore a gradual process.  At first there will be little to see, then the old hair will die away and the new hair will grow through in the shape of the brand. This will take approximately 4 – 6 weeks.


The Brand shown here within 1/2 hour of being branded

The Final Product, Wadelee Obsession show here 3 Months Later with his beautiful Freeze Brand.
Wadelee Obsession is owned by Courtney Schleter & Jessica Herring of Wadelee Pony Stud, Mt. Gambier SA.
Jessica Says: "THANKYOU TONY, this brand is absolutely perfect, you have made it exactly as I wanted and are so professional with what you do.
The Ponies and Foals hardly even know they have been branded, you are so efficient. I can't thank you enough, and will be getting all of my future ponies branded by you, I highly recommend your service"... Jessica Herring, Wadelee Pony Stud."

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