Branding Fees

TCS Freeze Branding is a state-wide Victorian service. The cost of branding (subject to change) your horse/s at one location is:

  • One horse $120.00 plus gst
  • Two horses $100.00 each plus gst
  • Three horses $90.00 each plus gst
  • Four horses $80.00 each plus gst
  • Five horses $70.00 each plus gst
  • Six to ten horses $60.00 each plus gst
There may be additional charges for travel or substandard conditions.

Special rates can be negotiated by studs, owners or groups.

Ross carries a full set of alphabetical and numerical freeze brands to brand your equine. If you require a standard numerical/alphabetical brand on the near side, for example, SLP and a 1 over 10 on the offside, this can be completed using an existing set of freeze brands. A range of shapes such as square, circle, diamond and bar are also available. The brands are 25mm in size and will create a neat and clearly legible brand. The use of this standard set of brands is included in the branding fee.

Custom Brand Design

If you require a customised brand, that is not a standard letter/number combination, TCS Freeze Branding can have your brass brand made up to your exact specifications.

To order a brand your design or ASB Index number needs to be emailed to Ross or Sharyn with your contact details. They will then contact you to discuss and confirm the design details. When designing your brand, remember the best brands are clean and clear. What looks great on paper does not always make a good brand.  If you require assistance with designing your brand, we are happy to help.

Please request a price guide for your custom brand. You will receive a proof of your brand for your approval before brand is made.  Please allow 4-5 weeks for brand to be completed. Payment must be made at time of approving and ordering your brand. Tony can deliver your brand at time of branding or we can mail the brand to you anywhere in Australia. The cost of mailing a brand by registered post is $22.00.

Brand Design Tip regarding Prefix/Brand Registrations for ALL Brands

If you will be registering your horse with a society or association you will need to register your brand (and prefix) with the appropriate Society/Association prior to branding any animal or having a custom brand designed. This ensures your brand is in fact unique... there are thousands of brands already in use so it pays to register the design first to save any problems later on and you having a brand that you are unable to use.

The rules for brand size also vary from state to state, so please phone your Primary Industries and Resources state body for exact rules and regulations. Most states require you to register your brand as a Horse/Cattle Brand or a Stud Stock Brand. It pays to do this prior to contacting your equine society, as you will need to ensure your brand is unique in your state AND with the society/s you plan on registering your equines with.

Another tip: If you have multi-registered stock - for example: Part Welsh/Riding Pony or Arabian/Stock Horse - you will need to register your prefix/brand with ALL societies you will be registering animals with. If you don't do this, and you only phone one society, for example, the welsh society, and then later on go to register a riding pony - you could be disappointed to find out your brand/prefix is already taken. Think ahead, and phone any society you wish to register animals with, it may cost you a little more upfront to have your prefix/brand registered at a few different societies, but at least you have peace of mind that the brand and prefix is UNIQUE and your horses/ponies can be registered by you at these various societies in the future.